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golden winter (winter bed)

With your golden winter winter bed made of 100% finest alpaca-wool  you start the day perfectly in the morning. In conjunction with thermally well-designed chambers, this ensures the perfect temperature control of your sleeping climate - even on cold days. This unique comfort is only available from golden alpaca - try it yourself.

Due to the very low proportion of lanolin in the wool, the odorless beds are also ideal for allergy sufferers, neurodermatitis, rheumatism and gout patients suitable.

Unser golden winter ist feuchtigkeitsausgleichend, antibakteriell und selbstreinigend. 

Excellent sleeping climate - you will be amazed.

golden winter (winter bed)

    • Filling:  100% finest alpaca wool (1,800 grams)
    • Batiste:     Super soft organic cotton

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